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Healthy Teeth Tidbits

Reduce Dental Bills

How? By taking advantage of preventive dentistry. How? By getting REGULAR check-ups.

Avoiding the dental office can be expensive and does not give preventive dentistry a chance. Waiting until an emergency occurs can not only be costly, but painful and time consuming.

Regular check-ups give the dentist a chance to correct small problems before they become major concerns.

Preventive dentistry must also be supported by proper home care. The patient must take responsibility for daily oral hygiene care. This includes the proper use of dental floss and brushing with an accepted fluoride toothpaste.

Therefore, the most economical approach to dental care is the proper utilization of oral hygiene techniques and regular preventive check-ups.

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Dry Mouth?

Xerostomia or dry mouth is not only an annoying irritant, but can cause major problems in the oral cavity if not treated. There are numerous causes of dry mouth including some doctors’ favorite line that things just don’t work as good as they used to when we get older. This is true of our salivary glands also but there are many prescription medications that can cause or make xerostomia worse.

Saliva disrupts the bacteria that causes tooth decay. Without adequate saliva, decay can run rampant throughout the mouth. This can occur quickly, even to individuals that have had good oral health their entire lives. Once this process begins, it is very difficult to treat.

Treatment can and should include a multi-prong approach. Proper oral hygiene techniques, including flossing is a must along with regular dental care. Cleanings and exams should probably be more often than every six months. Fluoride rinses can make tooth structure stronger and more resistant to decay. Xylitol gum has been shown to increase salivary flow and decrease harmful bacteria. There are even prescription drugs to help stimulate salivary flow.

Guarding against harmful habits is extremely important also. Stimulating salivary flow with sugar or acid containing products must be avoided. This would include gum, mints, fruit drinks, soft drinks, candy, and alcoholic drinks. Sipping on fluoridated water, chewing sugar-free or xylitol gum, and some over-the-counter mouth rinses can be healthy alternatives to help alleviate dry mouth.

 Don’t let dry mouth go unchecked! Consult you dentist right away.