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Who We Are

We are a family dental practice that takes pride in our ability to listen and understand our patients needs and desires. We do this by giving each of our patients the individual time and attention necessary to thoroughly understand their concerns. Then we utilize the latest technologies to achieve our goals.

The results of our efforts mean that our patients are pleased and have beautiful smiles!

Quality Care We strive to provide the best possible dental care to all our patients. With comprehensive treatment planning, we can DrRonaldLewis--aboutuspageimgtailor our treatment plans to help all our patients achieve maximum dental health. We also have access to an outstanding team of dental specialists who are available whenever the need arises. And in case of an emergency, we will make every effort to see patients as quickly as possible.

Preventive Care and Education We are dedicated to the concept of preventive dentistry. This includes thorough oral examinations, cancer screenings, and an emphasis on oral health education. Patients that have good oral hygiene habits and practice them daily have a much healthier smile than someone who is not as dedicated in their oral health care practices. We consider motivating our patients as one of our primary responsibilities.

Safety Precautions Infection Control and safety issues are extremely important in our office and taken very seriously. We follow standards recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in order to ensure that your visit to our office is as safe as possible.We also follow all HIPAA guidelines to protect your personal and health information.

Training and Expertise Our office staff is continually involved in updating our training and education. This helps us stay current on new materials and techniques, as well as, diseases, medications, and other health-care issues. We do this through seminars, lectures, meetings, online courses, and attending dental exhibitions.

Making Your Visit Positive We feel we can combine an old fashion family atmosphere with modern technology by taking the time to listen to all our patients concerns and desires and then meeting those needs through up-to-date treatment methods. We want every visit to be a positive experience, so a patient’s comfort and satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

We appreciate your faith in us, and thank you for the opportunity to take care of your dental needs.



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